A Two Week Escapade To Kazakhstan

  • A Two Week Escapade To Kazakhstan
  • A Two Week Escapade To Kazakhstan
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  • time Tour Duration : 14 Days
  • time Live Tour Guides : English
  • time Cancellation Policy : Cancel up to 48 hours in advance for a full refund
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Tour Summary

Kazakhstan is an exotic Eurasian country that excels as a paradise for wanderlusts.  Almaty, Kazakh’s biggest city is where you will start and end this 14-day trip. This package, unlike others, lets you through the unexplored alleys and untouched mountain roads of the country. Ensuring a safe and cozy stay at a hotel in the mainstream of the town,  an expert driver cum guide, this package opens the window for you to have the time of your lives with your loved ones.

  • Day 1

    • This day’s fun will start off with our expert guide meeting you at your hotel in the evening. From there you will have a ride in a luxurious and comfy vehicle to Nur-sultan, one of the famous cities in Kazakh, known for its splendid architecture and picturesque landscape.
    • Being the capital city of Kazakhstan, Nur-sultan has magnificent skyscrapers that kiss the heavens. You may just relax and take all the time you need to explore the nook and corner of this beautiful and sparkling city.
    • Once you are finished exploration meet your leader in the evening and join for the dinner with delicious dishes of local cuisines.

  • Day 2

    • Once you giddy-up and set out for the day’s journey, you will meet our guide. He will first, take you to the city.
    • The first stop is Nur-Astana, a mosque created not less than 14 years ago. Yet it is considered remarkable for its capacity to hold almost 5000 devotees at a time inside the hall and 2000 outside.
    • The President’s Cultural Centre has in its display several artifacts and art installations along with the portrayals of the former presidents. You may spend the rest of the evening exploring more of the city of the way you like.

  • Day 3

    • As per this day’s schedule, you will be required to take a flight from Nur-Sultan to Kyzyl Orda. This will take hardly 2 hrs. Baikonur, a city which is at most a 4 hrs drive from here is where you have your next stop.
    • This town is famous for the space research programs held by the Soviet Union in the 1950s. you may ask more about the history of this place from the tour guide. You will either take to the hotel or can choose to linger for a while in the evening.

  • Day 4

    • Your adventures for day 4 of the trip will be held at the same place as the previous day- Baikonur. Let’s start with Baikonur Cosmodrome.
    • As you know Russian astronauts were known as cosmonauts, hence the name. Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite was launched from this biggest working spaceport.
    • In the Museum you will get to see many Russian space vehicles. You may even visit the living space of Yuri Gagarin.

  • Day 5

    • On this day you will travel from Kyzyl Orda to Turkistan via rail. It is a 7 hours journey where you just have to munch on some food and glance at the scenic route.
    • Situated in the southern region of Kazakhstan, Turkistan is a heaven for art enthusiasts and history lovers. The artifacts that are exhibited in the museums are simply unparallel for their magnificence.
    • You have the choice to see the illuminated Yasaui Mausoleum in the evening if you let your choice be known beforehand.

  • Day 6

    • In the morning you will visit Yasaui Mausoleum, a treasure of immense relics and the most splendidly architected construct in Kazakh.
    • Here exists the tomb of the holy icon of Turks, Kozha Akhmed. It is a religious shrine that is famous among Muslims. Women are mandated to wear a scarf over their heads.
    • You make take wonderful pictures of the rose garden, artifact museum and sculptures nearby. Shymkent, your next stop is where the ancient settlement of Otrar is situated.
    • After spending some time here knowing its history you will board the overnight train to Almaty.

  • Day 7

    • After the 11 hrs train journey to Almaty, have your breakfast. Once it’s over you will be heading to Altyn-Emel National Park.
    • This day’s and the next day’s activities are based on this place.
    • Home to wide varieties of flora and fauna, Altyn-Emel National Park including goitred gazelles, argali sheep and wild donkeys.
    • The nature lovers may find themselves at cloud 9 if they happened to spot any of these during the trip.
    • Glance at the ancient writings and engravings from this part of the world and reflect on the pre-modernistic way of life.
    • You may also visit the ancient shrine of Besshatyr, which is where ancient Turks buried valued items.
    • In the evening you will get back to the guest house at the national park where you will have an authentic Turk dinner.

  • Day 8

    • Singing Barkhan is a sand desert area spread over 3kms. It is approximately 120 meters tall and its name means the sound of sand when the wind breezes over it. the top view of the dune is marvelous.
    • One could see the surrounding mounts and dunes in a panoramic view.
    • Fossils of prehistoric life are often found from the dunes. After spending the rest of the time in the park, get back to the hotel in Almaty.

  • Day 9

    • Almaty, a developed city in Kazakhstan has to thank the oil resources it had for the development in recent years.
    • You will visit Central Square, Zenkoff Cathedral, Panfilov Park, Museum of Kazakh Musical Instruments and Historical Museum during the course of the day one after another. After visiting these you will proceed to the Kok Tobe summit.
    • It is a mountain that has a splendid view from the top. You will be returning to the hotel after the city sights.

  • Day 10

    • Your 1st stop is Charyn Canyon. It takes a 4 hrs drive from Almaty.
    • You will see the art of nature through the different formations of rock.
    • After seeing the canyon and trekking you will bid adieu to Kazakhstan and will be going to Kyrgystan.
    • Your stay will be located at Karakoi.

  • Day 11

    • This day included you roaming about in the tourist attractions of this marvelous city- Karakoi. Founded by the military, the town has a large percentage of military officials as its occupants. Others are explorers, merchants and artisans.
    • Dungan mosque, local souk, Przhevalsky Museum and Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral are your next 4 stops.
    • After lunch and a 1 hr ride you will be led to hike in Jety Oguz Valley. Also explore the waterfall nearby.
    • Return to the hotel in Karakoi once you are done viewing nature.

  • Day 12

    • During a day’s drive to Bishkek through the shores of Issyk Kul, a wonderful lake situated en route, you will stop at Cholpan Ata to visit a petroglyphs site.
    • You will also get to hop on a boar and have a short safari to enjoy the vastness of the lake.
    • In the late afternoon, you will be safe and sound at the hotel room we have found for you.

  • Day 13

    • At Bishkek, you will have the opportunity to wander through the history of the country.
    • You will visit Ala-too Square, a great hangout spot for tourists. Nearby there is an Oak Park, with an abundance of oak trees.
    • This park is one of the reasons why Bishkek has been called a green city. find yourself in the busy streets of the Osh market and buy as many things as you like, name it, you will get it there.
    • Finally, have dinner (optional) at a fine dining place to mark the end of your mesmerizing trip.

  • Day 14

    • Your adventure ends after breakfast today and you can depart at any time before the hotel checkout at 12 noon.

What's Included
  • Stay all throughout the tour
  • Professional tour guide
  • Meals
  • Pick up, drop off
  • Additional services (as per the package)
What's Excluded
  • Any service that is not listed in the inclusions
  • Flights
  • Insurance charges
  • Optional tours and dinner

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  • Nur-Astana Mosque
  • Kyzyl Orda
  • Baikonur Cosmodrome
  • Yasawi Mausoleum
  • Singing Barkhan
  • Central Square
  • Zenkoff Cathedral
  • Panfilov Park
  • Museum of Kazakh Musical Instruments
  • Charyn Canyon
  • Przhevalsky Museum and Holy Trinity
  • Cholpan Ata