Water Sports adventure in Dubai

Dubai is everything you can’t dream of. From the best in the world luxury and skyscrapers to the peaceful mosques, the majestic desert to the water sports in Dubai, the city will leave you speechless. Dubai in its recent times has managed to become a favorite destination for its water sports activities.  Unlike other cities, Dubai offers a wide variety of water sport activities to everyone; it doesn’t matter if you are an expert or a beginner.  Here is a list of the best water sports in Dubai that will blow your mind.


While scuba divers have the most freedom to explore underwater, snorkelling is easy enough for beginners or children for experiencing the underwater ecosystem and enjoy a swim with these exotic marine creatures. If you simply want to get up close with some friendly sharks and other sea creatures, snorkeling is an opportunity to truly immerse yourself in nature. The Ambassador's Lagoon, Al Boom Diving, and the Dubai Aquarium are some of the snorkeling sites where you can swim with thousands of colorful marine creatures, sharks and others with a trained expert diver.

Jet Skiing

A ride on a jet ski in the calm waters of Dubai is one of the best water sports you will ever experience when you are in the city. Before you set off, the expert instructors will give advice about necessary safety measures and important tips for your safe ride. Then, admire the gigantic buildings of Dubai Marina as you speed past classical sights, such as the Burj Al Arab and the super-size yachts of Palm Jumeirah. Make sure to get some free time to take pictures of the skylines of Dubai marina. For thrill-seeking visitors to Dubai who’d rather be choosing a sightseeing bus than ride on one of these jet skis, this is the best way to see the city’s coastal sights.

Scuba Diving

A chance to dive deep under the guidance and advice of certified scuba divers that will take you to the depths of the calm yet echoing waters where you have the chance to swim with the exotic sea creatures and not to mention the sharks.  If you want to lose yourself in the azure waters, the natural aquarium in Martini Rock is the place to be. Another is the wreckage site where the divers will get to experience a little extra of everything. So, grab your gears and dive into these blue waters for an exciting journey.

Wild Wadi water park

A must-do activity for your visit to Dubai, a nice way to get wet and fresh in the summer heat. Astonishing structures, great rides with friendly staff and excellent facilities. it's located between the luxurious Burj Al Arab and the beautiful Jumeirah beach hotel. There is so much to do for all age groups. The theme of this park is based on the tales of Juha, an adored character from the Arabian Folklore. Wild Wadi in Dubai, offers the wildest, the most delightful and the best selection of rides in the country. To be honest, one day spent here is just not enough. Apart from the long list of the various rides, Wild Wadi offers the surreal surfing experience.

Aqua Venture Water Park

Aqua Venture is the largest water park in Dubai and is home to some of the record-breaking adventure rides and attractions. This humongous theme park also features marine activities, private beaches and children’s play areas, and some adrenaline-pumping adventure rides. Another thing is the food they provide inside the park. With over 20 restaurants and food stalls providing a variety of cuisines around the world. So make sure you take a quick bite before you get into each ride.

Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) excursion

The sup tours are designed to give you a great all-round paddleboard experience in Dubai, getting close to nature while enjoying the joy of Paddleboard tours in Dubai. Dubai offers a variety of locations for the sup tours, some of them focusing on famous locations, some on harbors, and some more on the adventure. Unlike surfing, stand up paddle activities do not entirely depend on waves; this means, the sport can be practiced on open water bodies rather than just the coast.


Kayaking is a fun and rewarding hobby and also an exhilarating sport that everyone can enjoy. Dubai is said to be a perfect place for this sport since the beaches and waters in the Middle East are always clam. Kayaking is the perfect water sport to try if you don’t want to experience the deadly side of what the ocean can give you. This is a quite simple and relaxing adventure.

Fly Board

Flyboarding is one of the most exciting and thrilling water sport activity which brings out an unmatched dose of fun and adventure. You can fly over Dubai’s vast waters with the fly board and soak up the magnificent views in a quite unimaginable way. Depending on your water skills, you can dive into the water like a Dolphin. If it is your first time, it will be helpful if you follow the advice of the expert professional instructors. Flyboarding for the first-timers may look intimidating and exhausting. But once you get the hang of it, after a few falls, you will love this adventure sport like anything. 

Wake Boarding

Wakeboarding in Dubai is a wonderful experience that will leave anyone stunned. Rent a boat with an instructor, get up on the board and you will discover a completely new experience, and the beauty of the coastline of Dubai will add enhance your soul. Experience the real rush of adrenaline while the waves turn your experience into an entirely new level.


The crystal clear and slightly warm waters and light offshore winds like a hairdryer will make the surfing in Dubai an exceptional experience with its unique backgrounds. The sail-shaped 7 star Burj Al Arab hotel as a backdrop, a palm crammed park and a majestic mosque on the shore, and the call to prayer as a soundtrack will be a one of a kind surfing moment you will ever experience.  Make sure you don’t surf during the June-September period since the waves will be flat and the weather will be unbearably hot.  

Wonder Bus Tour

Ever heard about a bus that can swim? Imagine exploring Dubai's attractive spots in a vehicle that takes you smoothly between land and sea. This is the concept of the Wonder Bus Tour. This city tour covers both land and water for almost one hour. The bus is equipped with life jackets under every seat and fire equipment with other safety equipment. The trip is controlled by one professional tour guide and two captains. It is a fun-stuffed and stimulating visit taking you around beautiful town sights and breath-taking scenes of the past furthermore on the grounds of the stylish city.


Parasailing in Dubai is an amusement activity that offers you adventure, thrill, and fun in a single package. While parasailing, you will be towed behind a boat while attached with a specially designed parachute. You lift up into the air slowly when the boat slowly drives off. Get magnificent views of Dubai and the Persian Gulf as you fly above during this parasailing adventure. Get views of Palm Island, Burj Al-Arab, Jumeirah Beach Residence and more before safely landing back down on the boat.