Adventure is calling all the way from Dubai

Dubai is known for the wonders of architecture and its culture, but what makes it an even popular choice among tourists is the wide variety of adventure sports available here. Check out some of the most exciting outdoor activities Dubai has to offer. 



 Skydiving in Dubai is known for its location. There are 2 major locations for skydiving in Dubai. One is the breath-taking view of the iconic Palm Jumeirah or to the dunes of the desert drop zone. From the moment you walk in the door for skydiving, this place emits professionalism and gives a sense of reassurance which is helpful before you jump 13,000ft from a plane. The staff are exceptionally knowledgeable and professional and put you at ease at all stages of your dive. 

palm or desert?

 If you are not so fancy and you probably care about that experience rather than photos on Instagram, or any other social media platforms then the desert is better (cheaper) option. 




The experience of flyboarding activity in Dubai will bring chills down your spine. This is one of the coolest new water sports and the spectacular coast of Dubai provides a perfect backdrop for an adrenaline-stimulating adventure. This extreme sports session between the sky and sea will leave you amazed. What makes Dubai the ideal spot to host this activity is that too begin with, the waters along the coast of Dubai, remain calm throughout the year. Providing a special view of the Burj Al Arab and surrounding areas, the experience will be mind-blowing. With personalized attention and professional instruction from the hands of an expert, this will be a whole new experience for you.


Shark Dive


Great White Shark is one of the most inspiring & scary creatures that nature has ever made. The immense power and size leave us astonished with excitement just to be in their presence. What if you had a chance to swim with these deadly beasts? Dubai welcomes you with an adventure with a whole new level of scuba diving with sharks in the Dubai aquarium inside the Dubai Mall. Unlike scuba diving experience in other places, Dubai scuba diving is without any steel cages. You will be swimming with these sharks and hundreds of other fishes. Doesn’t matter if you are not a certified diver, anyone can experience the shark dive in Dubai. 


Snow Park 


Did you know? Dubai ski park is the world’s largest snow park. Does it feel awkward, when the temperature outside the Dubai city is almost 35-38 degrees Celsius and on the other side, you are doing snow ski inside a mall? Yes, this happens only in Dubai. The Dubai Snow park happens to maintain a temperature of minus 1 to minus 2 degrees Celsius throughout the entire year. The park includes several thrilling rides and delightful attractions like snow rides, skiing, snowboarding, and Penguin shows. If you got stunned by this extraordinary setting wait until you see a regular snowfall inside this park. 


Bungee Jumping


Fun pack adrenaline rush for all those daredevils out there. If you have a heart condition or your age is below 14, please don’t try this sport. The view, the eagerness, the excitement, the hope, the fear, and all of a sudden you hear the words ‘3, 2, 1 Goooo!’ You take the dive and adrenaline fills your entire body as the ground sprints towards you at a speed you would never have visualized. A 50m tall structure in Dubai provides the opportunity of a lifetime for this thrilling adventure. Make sure you give a try if you are an intense thrill seeker.


Desert Safari


The Dubai adventure is incomplete if you haven’t done the Desert Safari. The hot desert may leave you exhausted but the experience will leave you speechless, and then turn you into a storyteller. This trip includes dune bashing, wild car ride through the desert by a ridiculously expert driver, camel riding, buffet dinner, and the best part, yes, you got it right, belly dancing. 

These are just some of the adventure activities you can find while you plan a trip to Dubai. Just keep in mind that, it will be hot no matter whenever you visit Dubai. It will be good if you avoid booking your tickets on July & August as the heat feels unbearable. The Dubai city shuts down for the holy month of Ramadan. Restaurants will be closed to respect the community that is fasting, and it’s illegal to eat, drink, or smoke in public during this time of the period.