What to do in Abu Dhabi.? 10 things you shouldn’t miss out

Planning to visit Abu Dhabi on your vacation? Here is a list of 10 places you should never miss out in Abu Dhabi. From Burj Khalif to Ferrari World, explore what Abu Dhabi has to offer to its tourists.


1. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

In short, one of the most beautiful mosques in the whole wide world. With 82 domes, a unique lighting system that resembles the faces of the moon and the record for the largest hand-knotted carpet. This mosque can accommodate up to 40000 plus people and incorporates a variety of architectural styles and designs from different Muslim civilizations. This monumental place of worship welcomes people from all over the world reflecting the manifold cultural foundation it was built upon.

 If you are planning a visit to Abu Dhabi, it's worth stopping by


2. Heritage Village

The Heritage Village in Abu Dhabi exhibits and speaks out different times of UAE. The reconstructed village is one of the few places in Abu Dhabi which provides a glimpse of the past and the pre-oil era of UAE. You can shop, explore and watch artisans making pottery, tannery, and glass blowing workshop and also you will have the opportunity to see the swordsmith crafting the traditional blades of khanjar, a cured dagger. 


3. Emirates Palace

A Unique landmark, the Emirates Palace stands as a monument to culture and luxury in the heart of Abu Dhabi. With its looks and luxury, Emirates Palace is one of the most iconic landmarks in the UAE. You can view the entire city by just sitting in its observation deck. Guests and visitors can wander through the sublime halls and corridors which displays a showcase of Arabian craft, with grand central passageways and arched ceilings and choose from over 200 rooms if you are prosperously rich. 


4. Louvre Museum

Louvre UAE’s giant dome creates a beautiful rain of light, the world’s first floating museum. You will be excited to see masterpiece artwork of Man Ray, Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci and many more. The museum has a range of pre-historic artifacts to contemporary artworks. Museum galleries tell us the story of humanity in 12 inspiring chapters. And every chapter is worth witnessing. With over 1 million visitors last year, this is a place you should put in your bucket list. 


5. Abu Dhabi Corniche

If you love the sun and what to spend some time with the family on the beach, Corniche is the place to be. It’s a road which spreads across almost 8kms long which includes cycling, pedestrian pathway, play areas, restaurants, and an amazing beach. In short, a very decent place for a nice little evening walk or a bike ride.


6. Ferrari World

Breath-taking experience under an iconic red roof.

If you are in love with cars and looking for some adventure rides, the Ferrari world will be an out of the world experience. The first-ever Ferrari branded theme park in the world. With a chance to see the best & Fastest cars in the world to exciting and jaw-dropping roller coaster rides, and other attractions for visitors of all ages, you can find everything under this roof.  


7. The Falcon Hospital

Hunting with the falcon is the oldest sport in the Middle East. In Qatar, falcons are revered and loved. There is even a hospital dedicated entirely to hawks. One such hospital is the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital, the first of its kind. You will get to see a manicure session for the falcon and can even hold them. Can you believe that there is a manicure session for these birds? That’s because these birds are astonishingly expensive and may cost around 50,000$ for each one. The level of care they put on falcons might seem outrageous to outsiders, but in Abu Dhabi, where the birds are admired as symbols of national pride and tradition, it's perfectly normal.


8. Liwa Oasis

Abu Dhabi’s Liwa Oasis, located on the north-eastern edge of the world’s largest sand sea Empty Quarter. Dunes in varying sizes and shades of orange glistening under the sun make for a mesmerizing view. Apart from its stunning dunes, it's home to the Bani Yas tribe that came to Abu Dhabi in the 18th century and started diving for pearls. The villages of Liwa Oasis are the southernmost settlements of Abu Dhabi and the UAE. Saudi Arabia isn't too far from these parts. One way to bash the dunes in the desert is by driving fast cars. If you haven’t visited or experienced Dune Bashing yet, this will be a thrilling experience for you. The silky red sand bedded under your feet, soft and elegant for any touch, molding its shape with every stroke of wind. 

This is a place where you uncover nature, far away from modernization and technologies.


9. Festivals and Events

The city of Abu Dhabi is also famous for its festival celebrations and hosting multinational events. Shopping festivals, Art Festival, Film Festival are being some of them. On the 2nd of December, UAE is celebrating its National day. It’s a 2-day event which marks the formation of the UAE. This nation-wide celebration hosts a spectacle of free-to-attend activities such as fireworks, car rallies, live music performances; air shows competitions, sailing regattas and live performances. So keep a close check on your interesting festivities that are lined up for the coming months to have a mind-blowing Middle Eastern experience at Abu Dhabi.


10. Food and Cuisines in Abu Dhabi

UAE has numerous dining options and visitors are often baffled by the sheer volume and diversity of choice across the emirate. With influences from Morocco, Lebanon and beyond, Abu Dhabi's local cuisine is never to be missed. Forget about the local cuisines, UAE is a place where you can find any kind of international flavors you desire. French, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, American, Indian, you name it. Half of the fun of international travel for most of us is discovering what food we have been missing by not living in whatever area we happen to be visiting. So, when in Abu Dhabi, it will be cruel if have not tried out the local flavors. It has its roots in the Middle Eastern cooking traditions and has its fantastic flavors and flair. Simple, but conscientiously. Spicy, but precise, exquisite and flavourful.


Now that you have got a brief idea about the things to do in Abu Dhabi, better pack your backpacks, grab some friends and set your destination to the Middle East.