Inspiration and reason to visit Dubai Inspiration and reason to visit Dubai

“There is a whole world out there, pack your backpack, your best friend and GO”

Travelling can change your life. Somewhere in our life we might have heard or read about places and wonder what it would be like to go to all these exotic places. It will be like doing things beyond usual, and consistently challenging, exiting and fulfilling. That feeling is indescribable.

Ever wondered how Dubai looks like. DUBAI, with all of its glitz and glamour rose in the heart of the desert. From the tallest building in the World to Ferrari world, Desert safari in the Arabian Desert to the most breath-taking sky diving and other adventure activities. The city of Dreams has it all.

Explore, experience and enjoy this majestic place which lies in the heart of the Arabian desert. I can assure you, Dubai won’t disappoint.

Dubai and its Culture

Dubai is a place where you can enjoy freedom unlike other countries. You can see people around the globe all with different language, different culture, different religion and different tradition in Dubai. That is the kind of brotherhood they are maintaining with the world population.

The Desert Life

“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure some of them are sandy”. How can it be a trip to Dubai without a Desert safari!!. If you have planned to visit Dubai, Desert safari is a must to do activity. Start your day with some dune bashing, sand surfing and boarding and also don’t forget to hope into those quad bikes which brings chills down your spine. When you think you had enough, you will be taken to the nearest campsite which offers amazing Arabic coffee. You can dress up in Arabian traditional wear, smoke some shisha, ride a camel or even hold a falcon. Watching the sunset in the great Arabian Desert is just exquisite. In addition to this, enjoy the traditional belly dance and other performances with open buffer dinner.

Dubai City Tour

Sometimes it’s good to be an observer. Sit back on your land cruiser and enjoy the beauty of this extraordinary city. Visit Dubai’s most historic sites and worlds most beautiful mosques. Non-Muslims are welcome to admire the stunning architecture, which includes interior gold work, more than 80 domes, and sparkling marble throughout.  Enter into a magical underwater world in the Dubai Aquarium which is one of the world’s largest suspended aquarium. And click some cool pictures in front of the great Burj Khalifa & Atlantis.

The Dubai Opera

Experience the best show and events from the world class professional entertainers. It is truly a unique venue which has become a grand stage for performing Arts and Entertainments.

The Dubai Yacht Party

Set sail on an ultimate luxurious yacht for a party of your life. The best way to enjoy and admire the stunning skyscrapers and the beauty of Dubai is to get on a yacht and spending a day out in the sea. Eat, drink and party like never before.

Exclusive Dinner Parties

There is no need of describing how the restaurants of Dubai will be. These restaurants will continue to amaze you. If you are a foodie and is looking for wide variety of food, Dubai is the place to be. Whether your priority is taste, location, ambiance or the view there are a plenty of option in Dubai which can deliver your each and every needs. Serving nourishing meals from almost all cuisines in the world, these restaurants will leave you mesmerised by its authentic flavours and warm hospitality. 

The Fireworks

It doesn’t matter if it’s a secular celebration or any religious events, when it comes to celebrations Dubai will not disappoint you. Cherish those nights where moon and stars aren’t the brightest thinks in the sky. This astonishing event will comprise of choreography with laser water and fire along with dazzling fireworks. You might have not seen a firework like this with the tallest building in the world illuminated with a spectacular show of colours. The Burj Khalifas epic LED display show will leave you stunned.

So get your backpacks and set your destination to Dubai, the warmth of Arabian hospitality awaits you.